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Welcome to CyVerse Container & Cloud Native Camp Documentation


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Welcome to our documentation on containers and orchestration in academic research and education.

Basic Container Camp

Docker Containers for Scientific Research

Containers on High Performance and High Throughput Computing

Cloud Native Camp


Infrastructure as Code

Learning Objectives

After completing these two paired workshops, you should be able to:

* Explain why containers and orchestration are used in research computing
* Create your own containers and deploy your own orchestrated frameworks
* Understand how and when to use containers and IaC in your daily work

You will also leave with

- Understanding of how to use the most powerful public research computing infrastructure in the world via [ACCESS-CI](
- The ability to launch and manage distributed resources using IaC templates on commercial (AWS, GCloud, Azure) or public research (OpenStack) clouds.

- Insight into commercial cloud services, their costs, and how to best utilize them for scientific research.

Funding and Citations:

CyVerse is generously funded by the National Science Foundation NSF.

Here are our award numbers:

  • NSF-0735191
  • NSF-1265383
  • NSF-1743442

For any utilization of our resources, please adhere to the CyVerse citation policy.